About Us

Our website generally is a library of Georgian made boutique wines of different sorts. This website combines an online shop for individual shoppers and a wholesale catalog for wine bars and wine stores all over the world.

The popularization of Georgian wine gained acceleration in 2013 after UNESCO recognition of Qvevri technology. More and more people are getting involves with wine business one way or another. Some, who have some assets in wine regions, are going back and creating new family cellars, while others are exploring possibilities in wine tourism. In addition to the local interest, global interest has grown as well. Many documentaries were made about Georgian wines and Georgian wine making technology, Qvevri and so on. Also wine bar owners from different cities are visiting wine regions and picking up wine varieties for export. Wine business is a huge global market, even the small segment of it of boutique wines, we thought not every wine bar or wine store can afford to travel around the world picking and exploring new products. We came up with the idea of how to bring the product with the glimpse of authenticity of the place it is from to the customer without them ever leaving their home towns. Our business model on one hand helps wine bars expend their product assortment with Georgian wines and on the other hand helps small Georgian wine cellars export their products and gives them a chance to show off in a global shop window. 

  • Visiting cellars that are interested in our services and making their video profiles. Video profile includes:
  • Video footage of the vineyard and the cellar itself.
  • Small interviews with a vine-grower and a winemaker.
  • A sample wine tasting – discussing tasting values of their products.
  • Gathering all technical information about the vineyard and the wine (e.g. share of copper in the preparation used to maintain the vineyard and the amount of sulfur in the wine).
  • Categorizing cellars by region and displaying their profiles on a website with a brief review and general technical details.

  • Collecting product samples from these cellars.
  • Creating product packages (based on region of origin) and including products of different cellars.
  • Contacting wine bars/shops starting with countries/cities that are already importing Georgian wine.
  • Sending out sample packages to interested parties.
  • Collecting orders from buyers.
  • Preparing and shipping orders.


In addition to the wholesale platform, our website also works as a retail online boutique wine shop delivering products both locally in Georgia and to selected countries.