Chateau Dio Winery

Chateau Dio is located in the village of Dzirageuli, Racha. Wine making was always a hobby for Devi Dvali - the owner and wine maker of Chateau Dio. 5-6 years ago he turned his hobby into a profession and started making wine commercially.  There is 1.8 hectares of vineyard in his possession.

He is currently cultivating Aleksandreuli and Mujuretuli grape varieties these two represent Dio's primery materials. 3 years ago Devi started cultivating almost-lost, older Georgian grape varieties like Kudurauli and Tbiluri. His vineyard is operated under the bio technology rules and regulations, without any herbicides. Wine making technology is Qvevri, these are wine varieties Chateau is currently producing:

  • Khvanchkara - Red semi sweet wine
  • Kudurauli - White dry wine

This cellar has been a participant of a few festivals in Berlin, Rome and Bordeaux. Currenlty you can find Dio's wine in two restaurants in Rome. Devi's wine is not exported to many countries due to small quantities. Most of the sales are local. Chateau Dio also operates as a family hotel in Dzirageuli, with beautiful views and tasty wine.

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