Chito’s Gvino (wine)

Chito's wine cellar is located in village Martkopi, Kakheti. Owner and wine maker of this place is Nino Chitoshvili. She started this business two years ago. Nino is making Kakhetian and Qartli wines. Technology used is Qvevri and the product is natural. She is buying grape form vineyards owned by the Natural Wine Association members. Nino is purchasing Saperavi. Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane in Kakheti region and Chinuri comes from Qartli.

Nino has a background of a travel guide. During past few years she focused on wine travel field. She had her training/studying with the members of Natural Wine Association of Georgia. Thus the love and admiration with the natural wine. Curent;ly she is makeing these varieties of wines:

  • Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane cepage - White dry wine
  • Saperavi - Red dry wine
  • Chinuri - White dry wine

She thinks that Georgian wine should be the best there is and her mission is to make as much people happier with her wine as possible.

Please find below some technical details of how the vineyard is taken care of and how the wine is made.

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