Gogi Margvelidze Wine Cellar

Gogi Margvelidze Wine Cellar is located in the village of Sadmeli, Racha. The cellar is almost two centuries old. It was passed from generation to generation to Gogi Margvelidze. as Gogi says, his family always cultivated high quality grape.

Vineyard for Mujuretuli and Aleksandourli grape varieties is built on one hectare of land. Another 0.5 hectares are used for cultivating Tsulukidze Tetra grape variety. Technology used to make wine is traditional Georgian. Gogi uses Satsnakheli for pressing grapes and Qvevris for grape fermentation and wine aging. Wine is not exported at this time, because Gogi thinks hes is not there yet. We disagree, this delicious wine will make people happy anywhere in the world.

You can find technical details about this cellar's production below.

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