Kabistoni & Didgori Wine Cellars

Kabistoni Winery is located in a village Khvanchkara, Racha - a micro zone for famous varieties of Georgian grape Aleksnadrouli and Mujuretuli (Grapes used to make Khvanchkara Wine). We talked to the owner of this brand and a winemaker by heritage - Mr Bejan Kipiani. His father was winmaker, one of the foudners of first wine factory in Racha. Now, after his father and his grandfather befor him, Bejan's son his taking after his father. This family owned wine cellar is producing several verities of wine.

Bejan is making wine professionally since 2002. At first he started making Khvanchkara (the most famous and popular wine from Racha), but now he is making several varieties of wine in Qvevri using ancient Georgian technology. He is using old Qvevris for wine making. In his words these kinds of Qvevri, especially from Sairme (place in Georgia) is a prerequisite for the best wine.  These wines are:

  • Kudurauli - White dry wine;
  • Sakipiano Dry - Red dry wine;
  • Sakipiano Semi Sweet - Red semi sweet wine (also known as Khvanchkara);
  • Tsolikouri - White dry wine;
  • Kabistoni - Red dry wine;
  • Tsulukidze Tetra - White dry wine;

He is exporting his wine to Japan, Canada, USA and several other countries.

Please find below some technical details of how the vineyard is taken care of and how the wine is made.

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