Shermadini Winery

Shermadini Winery is located in Gori, Georgia. Despite the fact that the cellar is located in Qartli region, this winery run by two brothers, is mainly producing Kakhetian wine varieties. Their family was always making wine, but officially it became a business in 2016. This decision had a pretext - 1. The Qvevri wine making technology was reviving and gaining popularity among Georgian wine cellars and in 2013 this technology was recognized by UNESCO as a intelligible heritage and 2. Shermadini brothers wanted to expend and share their family wine making tradition to cover more ground and conquer hearts of broader masses.

Shermadini vineyards are located in Gurjaani and Akhmeta micro zones (Kakheti). Both vineyards are bio certified. Shermadini is producing natural wine using Georgian traditional Qvevri technology. Currently produced wine varieties are:

  • Mtsvane - Dry amber wine.
  • Saperavi - Red dry wine

Shermadini is using a term Amber wine instead of white wine as Qvevri white wine has a amber coloring and historically Qvevri white wine was called amber wine. Amber wine is done using traditional Georgian Qvevri technology - Fermentation is done using Grape skin and pipes and wine aged on grape skin for 6 additional months after fermentation process is done. In spring chacha (grape skin and pipes) is removed and it continues aging until it is bottled. Saperavi (red dry wine) is fermented using chacha, after fermentation chacha is removed and wine is aged in Qvevri until it is bottled a year after.

Please find below some technical details of how the vineyard is taken care of and how the wine is made.

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