According to Emzar, it all started with a simple wish to produce his own wine for the family. When he was looking for land in Kiketi he came upon an old building covered with wood, with thick walls - perfect for wine cellar. He purchased a land with the building and a wish to have one or two Qvevris became actual 22 Qvevris and a small production.

Tanini has three vineyards in three different places, but all in Kakheti Region. Emzar favors Kakhetian made wine and thinks that traditional Georgian wine comes from Kakheti and is made using Kakhetian, Qvevri method. Tanini is currently producing:

  • Saperavi - Red dry Qvevri wine
  • Mtsvane - White dry Qvevri wine
  • Rkatsiteli - White dry Qvevri wine
  • Chinuri - White dry Qvevri wine
  • Kikhvi - White dry Qvevri wine
  • Kisi - White dry Qvevri wine
  • Tavkveri - Red dry Qvevri wine


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